2020 was the most glorious year for the nasty cyber hackers, cryptojacking set a new world record with 8.19 million hits

2020 was the most glorious year for the nasty cyber hackers, cryptojacking set a new world record with 8.19 million hits

In India, on the one hand where the corona virus increased and people’s are in troubles, on the other hand, the cyber hackers increased their tech related problems. For the country, 2020 was the year when users were the most hit by virus & malware (cryptojacking). According to a tech-report by cyber security firm SonicWall, the volume of virus & malware attacks was more than three times between the month 0f September and October.

The cyber security SonicWall Cyber ​​Threat Report 2021 stated that the country caused more than 25 million virus & malware attacks in December 2020. During the covid-19 epidemic, most cyber attacks were done on users doing work from home. Used powerful cloud-based tools and cloud storage to avoid lots of organization attacks.

2020 was the best time for the nasty cyber hackers

Mr. Bill Conner, the president and CEO of SonicWall cyber security firm, said, “2020 has been the one of the best time for cybercrime perpetrators. The last year 2020 has been a race for cyber criminals. The corona epidemic has led to political climate with remote working, cryptocurrency prices, cloud storage.” And the tools catapulted cyber-attacks on all to new and high heights. “


Globally ransomware virus increased by 62%

The report described how corona gave cyber criminals best opportunities for more powerful and aggressive attacks. Mr. Conner said that when cyber hackers select to attack targets, there is no single way of conduct for them. The findings showed that globally vicious ransomware virus automatically increased by 62%. At the same time, North America also grew the highest height by 158%.

Ryuk Virus Ransomware (.RYK Files) – How to Remove (+ Recover PC)

Rook ransomware virus logged every 8 seconds

A malicious ransomware virus attack named Ryuk Ransomware Virus was first identified two years ago in August 2018. It did not appears outside of North America, Europe or Asia until January 2020, but the same time Ryuk Ransomware virus started climbing up. Finally overtaking top-ranked Saber Ransomware virus. The report stated that cunning Ryuk Ransomware virus was logged in every 8 seconds regularly, with more than 100 million cases worldwide.

Targeting innocent users with some phishing URLs

security Research has also revealed that such employees who were doing full time work from home in lockdown were sent direct links that were linked to their official files and PDFs, & also phishing URLs were used. There are also indications of a 67% increase in Malicious and nasty Office Files in 2020.

The security report Mentioned that in year 2020 cryptojacking set a new record with 81.9 million hits. It was really approximately 28% higher than last year’s 64.1 million.

What is cryptojacking?

Cyber criminals trap any Internet server, any personal computer or any smartphone users through this process. So that malware virus could be put in place for mining cryptocurrency. Lots of processors are added together for this mining to increase the computing power of the cryptocurrency mining process.

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