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A man opened fire on a crowd outside a bar in Philadelphia, US; 7 injured, 4 in critical condition

A man opened fire on a crowd outside a bar in Philadelphia, US; 7 injured, 4 in critical condition

This shocking incident is of America where In the US city of Philadelphia, a man opened fire on the crowd outside the bar, 7 innocent people were injured in this incident. The condition of 4 of them people is very critical. The incident occurred on this Friday evening, the attacker is being searched by cops. The age of those seriously injured people in this shocking incident by the bullet is 42 year, 23 year, 21year and 18 year. News of relief is that a 21 year old man and two 17 year old children are in a stable condition. The culprit has not yet been arrested in this incident.

opened fire

Local media of America has reported that the Golf and Social Sports bar was quite crowded. The place is absolutely near the very busy downtown Delaware Avenue. During this, a nasty man opened fire on the crowd with a normal hand gun. On receipt of information cops arrived on the spot point and found two injured in a store and two in a bar. Three other injured people also went to the hospital with their own vehicles.

This is the 9th incident of firing in America in last 12 days

The American cops officially said that some various  people were seen in the surveillance video surrounding an SUV & a white car and for your information i want let you know that all these are also present in the parking of the reverse casino. They also later got out of a gray car. Cops said that they later recovered two Piston (hand guns) in the SUV car. The white car is evident to have been stolen.

Before this shocking incident, two boys on a single bike in Philadelphia were shot. One of them was killed. A suspect is being also searched for in that shooting. Police believe there is no connection between this two incidents. There have been 7 incidents of mob firing in the United State from 16 to 22 March.

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