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Gynecologist of American University sexually abused patients, now to pay damages of $ 1.1 billion

Gynecologist of American University sexually abused patients, now to pay damages of $ 1.1 billion

Hello guys, this is very shocking and shocking news that is coming from University of South California of America. I hope this will not happen again in future

The UAC (University of South California of America) will provide compensation of $ 1.1 billion, means 8 thousand crores rupees to the all victims of sexual abuse case. American University’s gynecologist Dr. George Tindall was the accused of sexual abuse and abuses of his own patients. The respected court has finally ordered the compensation in three distinct cases.

American University

For the detailed information I must would like to tell that The American university considered it is really a black chapter and definitely took strict action against accused gynecologist Dr. Tyndall, as well as a very bad end to it. Mr. Rick Caruso, president of the American university’s board of trustees, said, “The university has not been capable to protect all the things that the matters most to us.” This has really caused a very big loss to our image in the world or society. ‘

This case of 2018, 500 women complained

Actually two years ago the case came to focus means in 2018. Then after 500 number of women had also automatically filed a case against the university. Then a special complaint center was established in the American university. It appealed to the students of university and alumni association to file their complaints via website & hotline. Specially For this work , 3.5 lakh interested students were sent mail.

American University

Largest compensation ever

According to the University of South California of America claim, in the last few years, there have been several cases of university encirclement. Of this, $ 215 million means Rs 1,558 crore was paid to settle the case that came out in 2018. I would also like to mention that the compensation amount of the second case was not disclosed. at the same time simultaneously, the third agreement was for $ 85.2 million means Rs 6,173 crore. This is toll now the biggest compensation ever made in such a case.

First complaint in 2016

During 2016, a student had also filed a case. He had said, “He has been sexually abused by a gynecologist doctor.” After which the investigation of the case started. It was found that this was not the first & last case, there were so many more cases is still pending in which girls and gynecologists were sexually abused.

Actually this type of sexually harassments case always happens, but this is or duty that if we realize that any ants to do like that then go legal against we should never tolerate this type of person because if will don’t take action against this type of nasty people then they think that no body can stop him and he will continuously doing his malicious activities. So this our duty to stop them if we will decide that we will not let them do their filthy activities then they will not spoil us anything.

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