Recently Patched Android Vulnerability Exploited in Attack by hackers

Recently Patched Android Vulnerability Exploited in Attack by hackers

Google has warned all the Android users that a recently patched vulnerability has been exploited in under attack by the nasty group of hackers.


In January 2021 tracked as CVE-2020-11261 was released by google with an Android security program updates.

Actually the vulnerability is very high-intensification undue input validation problem that affecting a graphic-display component from Qualcomm. In July 2020 the flow was reported to Qualcomm via Google that it impact a very long list of the chipsets.

We always should be careful because now a day the nasty cyber hackers always try several ways that he would cheat the common people by fooling them, they only wants money actually huge money and they can do anything for earn money. In such situation, we need to be very careful because if we are careful, no hackers can harm us in any way.

Do you know how the hackers can succeed in fooling us? After all, how do they succeed in their action? After all, how can we stop these nasty cyber criminals from doing their dirty things? Is there any way to stop them or not?

So let us tell you how hackers fool us so easily, Actually These hackers do not fool us, the truth is that our greed makes us stupid in front of these hackers, these Criminals do not fool us, our greed makes us stupid, we always keep thinking that without doing hard work how can we earn a lot of money in a very short period of time, we consider ourselves too much and become stupid. No one can fool us if we work with caution and somehow no one gets into a seductive trick.

Now a days hackers using malware for their evil purpose, they are using malware for earing huge amount money, they designed malware by various categories like Trojan, Adware, Ransomware, Browse Hijacker, Redirect Virus, Scam pop-up, Viruses, Spyware and many mores. Once any virus get success to insert in your PC, Android Phone or iPhone then your device behave like strangers and you feel severe problem while you using your device. Now the point is how you these nasty virus infect your device, these cunning viruses can sneak into your device by several ways like as :-

  1. If you are watching porn movies then these virus can invade into your device or Android Phone very easily.
  2. If you will download free or unauthorized software then these vicious viruses can easily insert into your device or Android Phone.
  3. These viruses can insert your device or Android phone by the help of fake or spam email attachments.
  4. These viruses can also insert into device or Android Phone if will downloads movies or any applications through Torrent.

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