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Things make worsen in The Germany, again preparing for a 14-day very strict lockdown because if Covid-19; More than 3000 people deaths in Brazil for the second consecutive day

Things make worsen in The Germany, again preparing for a 14-day very strict lockdown because if Covid-19; More than 3000 people deaths in Brazil for the second consecutive day

This is shocking news again come from Germany, in Germany the covid-19 (corona virus) is making things worsen that worst. Here, again preparations have been started to impose a 14 day very strict lockdown. The Health Minister of Germany Jens Spahn said 10 to 14 days lockdown in the country is necessary to control the nasty corona virus & we are seriously considering it. Last year also, at the same time, we advised the all country men to stay at their home, and this time a similar situation is being created. Meanwhile, Germany Chief of Staff Chancellor Angela Merkel has also raised concerns about the very critical situation in Corona virus in the hole country. Mr. Helg Braun said that we are going through one of the most dangerous phase at this time. We must need to overcome the corona virus in the next few weeks, this is very important for the safety for the people of our country.


New mutation of covid-19 will pose new challenges

Mr. Braun said, “We must need some enough time to determine and The next few weeks will sort out whether we can control the covid-19 epidemic or not?” If suppose the covid-19 infection continues to grow like this and if we can’t stop it it clearly indicate that the risk of a new strain of corona virus will also increase, and this will perhaps affect the effect of the covid-19 vaccine also. If that happens then this will really gonna very shocking news for us and we will must need a new corona vaccine and we will have to quickly start the vaccination program again.

Things are also very bad in Brazil

Things are getting very worse day by day in The Brazil. There were 83,039 cases of covid-19 reported on the some previous day. During this Frightening time 3368 people also died. It is a pity that this is the second incessant day that more than 3000 people have died here because of corona virus. Before this on this Saturday, 3600 people also lost their lives due to covid-19 epidemic. The bad thing is that Brazil is the second most infected country in the whole world. America is still at first number and The India is at number three for corona infection.

Italy also preparing to take action on their healthcare workers

Just because of corona virus the Italian government is also preparing to take some effective action against the healthcare workers who refused to participate in the vaccination process against Covid-19. Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi said that we do not want workers who have not been vaccinated to come in contact with the corona infected people. In such situation, the healthcare workers who have refused to take the covid-19 vaccine will have to get vaccinated, otherwise we will be forced to take some very strong action against all of them.

Over 6 lakh covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours in the whole world

Nasty corona infection was confirmed among 5 lakh 70 thousand people worldwide in the last 24 hours. More than 9 thousand Covid-19 infected people also died during this Frightening period. Yet 12 crore 72 lakh people have been affected by the covid-19 epidemic in the whole world. 10 crore 25 lakh people were also recovered and 27 lakh 88 thousand people have also died. Currently 2 crore 19 lakh corona patients are also still fighting the war against covid-19.

Country Infected People Death Recovered People
America 30,853,032 561,142 23,275,268
Brazil 12,407,323 307,326 10,824,095
India 11,908,373 161,275 11,292,849
Russia 4,501,859 97,017 4,120,161
France 4,465,956 94,275 288,062
UK 4,325,315 126,515 3,768,434
Italy 3,488,619 107,256 2,814,652
Spain 3,255,324 75,010 3,016,247
Turkey 3,149,094 30,772 2,921,037
Germany 2,754,002 76,303 2,467,600

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